City of Split and Split Dalmatia guide

Split, second largest city in Croatia is economic, administrative, educational, sport and tourist center of Split Dalmatia county (Middle Dalmatia), traffic connection to Croatia islands, pearls of Adritic like Hvar, Vis, Brac and Solta. Split Dalmatia County can be seen as defined in tourist offers as Dalmatia highlands, Dalmatia coast and Dalmatia islands and as Riviera Trogir, Riviera Kastela, Riviera Split and Riviera Makarska.

Split history

Within the area of Split and Solin the oldest findings are from the time of Neolithic and Eneolithic. In the late ancient period during the Roman administration, Diocletian Palace was built. It was around 298. year after Christ when the Roman imperator Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus decided to start the construction in the bay of Split on the Dalmatian coast nearby his birthplace, Salona…


Dalmatian cusine in Split restaurants is one of the most healthiest in the World. Quality and fresh sea fish, shells or meat specialities combined with fresh vegetables. Add on top popular black Mediteranean wines like merlot, cabarnet, plavac, dingac, postup and quality white wines like malvazija, posip, pinot, vugava i kujundzusa combined with Dalmatian music and you tasted Dalmatia.

Split Dalmatia county

In Split Dalmatia County (Middle, Central Dalmatia) most famous places and localities are Bol and Vidova gora on island Brac, Hvar on Island Hvar (Hvar Croatia), on coast Makarska, Baska voda, Brela, Omis, Solin (Salona), Trogir and on highlands Sinj, Split sport Split, “most sport city in the World”! Some of the highlighted names: Djurdjica Bjedov, Veljko Rogosic, Stipe Bozic, Goran Ivanisevic, Mario Ancic, Toni Kukoc, Blanka Vlasic, brothers Skelin, Soccer club Hajduk…

Did you know?

Dalmatia is characterized by the highest number of sunny days that on some of the islands and along with the deep southern coast number as many as 315 a year! On the terraces and rest areas of the stone-paved squares and promenades of the coastal cities and towns, a sunny December day can be enjoyed out of doors!