Split -Dalmatia (Central Dalmatia) region

The arts, heritage and lifestyle, that’s central Dalmatia in a nutshell. What makes it a place not to miss, for fun, rest and relaxation has a 1700-year-old tradition!

As far back as the year 305, the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who had practically the entire known world at his feet, chose the centre of Dalmatia as the place to build the country house in which he would enjoy the last ten years of his life. Today the former Imperial Palace is the settled historical core of Split, Croatia’s second largest city and the eternally young, noisy and merry centre of the region’s tourism and economy that sets the rhythm, style and cheer for its wider surroundings, the smaller tourist destinations, the islands off its shores and the green hinterland heart of Dalmatia.

Content from this section is from Croatia National tourist board press info